We only came across this place because of a suspected dental emergency (On a Friday night of course 😬) Turns out what we thought was a bad cavity was actually an adult molar trying to come in while a baby molar wouldn’t budge. We thought all those baby teeth were gone. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Dr. Warner quickly figured it out and was able to take care of it right there. And they open at 7am on a Saturday? Amazing. They are so kind there, professional and a *very* clean office. Kids, well people in general dont particularly like visiting the dentist, but Dr. Warner made my son feel SO comfortable and relaxed. We will 100% see them regularly until we move! Highly recommend!!

Dr. Warner was absolutely amazing. Best dentist visit I’ve ever experienced. She was super sweet and made me feel comfortable and was not judgmental. She took the time to explain everything. Thank you. I will definitely reccomend you to other military families.

Over the weekend I experienced what everyone’s worst nightmare is.. a broken tooth. I was unaware of a cavity that had caused a lot of decay that resulted in a break. I knew that finding a dentist to treat me would be a difficult task because I am a cash patient (insurance doesn’t kick in until March 1st). I was hesitant to even go because I knew I wouldn’t be able to afford a crown etc with cash upfront, but convinced myself to go to one at least to see what it would take to fix my tooth.

I called Surf Smiles on 2/10/20 at about noon.. and they were able to fit me in same day! I mention that I was a cash patient and they quoted me a reasonable 89$ for a visit and x-rays. As I showed up to my appointment, I quickly noticed the well put together office. It’s a beautiful spot. I was greeted by Dr. Hoeg at the front desk promptly and was asked to wait to be called. Not more than 10 minuted later, I was called to the back by Dr. Mark Warner who stated I would be seeing Dr. Hoeg for my appointment, but he was in a meeting so he would be starting my visit. (I thought that was very courteous because most of the time you’re kept waiting when something like that occurs)

Dr. Mark Warner was very friendly and was quick to get my x-rays going. Dr. Hoeg came in shortly after and I was amazed by how nice he is!! Seriously just a genuinely nice individual. While I was getting my tooth looked at, Dr. Madeline Warner came in to introduce herself (seriously how nice is that?). I quickly realized that this practice is family run and they care about their patients as individuals. You’re not just a number or price tag to this family! Dr. Hoeg continued to examine me and was very conservative in my treatment as he was trying to avoid a root canal (which I very much appreciate!!) I expressed to him that I am a cash pay patient and would be interested in a temporary solution to my tooth problem if need be until my insurance kicked in. I was blown away with his work ethic and compassion as he completely restored my tooth and was able to work with me on pricing. You literally can’t even tell I had half of my tooth missing. (pictures listed as reference)

Not only am I (and my whole family) a patient for life, but I am actually excited to return and work on my other dental issues. I will continue to rave about this practice as long as they are in business! Thank you Surf Smiles, you have restored my smile (and faith in humanity).

I am so happy I found this Dentist. I only wish I would have found it sooner. I had horrible anxiety about going and needed to get caught up on dental work. They made me feel so comfortable. Dr. Mark worked later in the evening which helped me be able to get my work done with being a mom. His wife who is also a dentist there answered the phone in a way that was just so inviting. It’s family owned and just a very nice place to go . Honestly care about getting your mouth healthy again.

One of the best experiences I’ve had at a dental office so far. I’ve always been scared of the dentist but Dr. Madeline Warner is amazing and made me feel very comfortable. She was courteous and very knowledgeable when explaining my treatment to me. Such a professional environment. I’m so glad I found my new dentist!