When Should I Bring My Child to the Dentist?

We are often asked as to what age is best for a child’s first dental visit.

In California over half of children have a dental cavity by the age of five.  This extremely high number is the reason why you should bring your kids to the dentist early.  It is our job as dental professionals to educate parents and little ones on protecting teeth from dental decay.

The latest dental research recommends that children be seen by the dentist by their first birthday or even six months before if they have several teeth.  Many parents hear that their children should come in at age three but this is far too late.  Research shows us that by this age many unnecessary cavities can form if this first visit is postponed.

General Dentists play an important role in the preventive treatment of dental decay.  Preventative treatment includes an evaluation, a dental cleaning, and fluoride varnish.  This first appointment allows the dental professional to counsel parents on bottle decay, dental hygiene techniques, and good dietary habits. Also as important, it allows parents to ask the dental professional any questions they have about their child’s dental health.

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